Monday, January 17, 2011

MATLOCK 2707 T-shirts!!!

$20.  All sizes available.  2707 CD/T-shirt combo- $27.07.  Free US shipping, please add $10 for all overseas orders.  PayPal

Shouts to Buttervizion for the ill design.

MATLOCK 2707 album is here!!!

1. 2707 (prod. by DJ Monky)
2. Brand New Nikes (prod. by Mr. Green)
3. Please Do (prod. by Custom)
4. Knife & Fork (prod. by DJ Monky)
5. Blaze It Up feat. EC illa, Wes Restless & Psalm One (prod. by Prolyfic)
6. God vs. Money (prod. by Kaz One)
7. The Legend of Billy Boombox (prod. by Custom)
8. This Is For You (prod. by Custom)
9. I Don't Play That feat. Southkid & Young Zee (prod. by Ben Rosen)
10. Margo's Song (prod. by Wes Restless)
11. Bright Sunny Day (prod. by Ben Rosen)
12. Priceless feat. Werdz, PaceWon & JUICE (prod. by Mr. Green)
13. Honky Kong (prod. by Kaz One)
14. Days I Remember feat. Wes Restless (prod. by Wes Restless)
15. Last Train (prod. by Heartbeat)

Thanks to everybody involved in this project, I couldn't have done it without you. I was blessed with insane production and guest spots. Thanks to everybody who has listened to my shit throught the years and supported.  Big ups to the folks that pledged on Kickstarter as well to make the physical CDs possible.  Thank you for the positive feedback and messages on all my pages. I'm glad you dig the album. We worked hard.

MATLOCK- 2707 on iTunes:

If you want a physical CD, PayPal $15 to  Free US shipping.  Add $5 for all overseas orders.

Grindtime Presents: MATLOCK vs. George Jetson WINDY CITY TAKEOVER IV

This shit was mad fun. My Grindtime debut. Poor Georgie didn't know what he was in for.

Afterwards we kicked it back at the mansion and played with the homemade tesla-coil.

L-R:  Eyerate, Moodswangz, Porn-star Scarlett Pain, Ian "Chop-City" Hall, Mel, Matlock & Bobby James.

Matlock & Bobby James.

Moose catches a mean right.

2 Darkroom Shows

I'm back blogger faces!!!

To catch you up, we had 2 shows over there at the Darkroom, the first being The FordaFresh 2.5 Year Anniversary party with DeeJay Uncle El Nov. 16th, and the second being The Ill & The Restless Release Party with JUICE, Robust and a bunch more December 3rd.  This show also served a my birthday jam.  Fun was had by almost all.  Got to catch up with alot of old faces, meet some new folks and drink heavily.  Congrats to Wes and Illy on the incredible release.